Sunday, April 8, 2007

I knew it was a good idea!!

Last month I posted about .. after seeing this article by Seth Levine
.. Well yesterday I read about Bambi Francisco "fiasco" regarding a conflict of interest between her job at Market Watch and her startup Vator.Tv I think that the attention that this has received will actually catapult her site.... but it does really need a good make over..very low budget.

P.S. I did ask a certain VC mentioned in this article .. when I originally posted if this would be a viable venture... and thought for the entrepreneur "yes" but most VC's won't give it a second look.. I agree..but as technology becomes cheaper and cheaper and VC's and Angels are trying to find other creative ways to find the next big thing.. this might be great avenue for both given her resources and contacts.. Good Luck Bambi!

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