Friday, April 13, 2007

Too Many Feeds!!!!

Somehow over the last 4 months of I have subscribed to over 500 feeds via Google Reader ..Yikes .. So yesterday I decided to go on a RSS diet. I had a steady dose of Tech blogs and Marketing and Christian based subscriptions but now I have have chopped it down to the following..

1. (Tech News) Techmeme , Master of 500 Hats
2. (VC/Entreprenurial) Light Speed Ventures , OnStartups
3. (Marketing) Seth Godin , Church of the Customer , Duct Tape Marketing
4. (PR) KDPaine
5. (Christian) J-Walking

I think that my days will be more productive and that I will still get the info that I am looking for through these sources.. but I am sure I will be going through some sort of withdrawal symptoms for the next couple of days.... :)

1 comment:

KDPaine said...

What a great idea, I find myself never getting past the first ten anyway. and I'm honored to be still on your "diet" -- trust I'll keep on providing enough protein to earn my place.