Friday, April 13, 2007

USPS not getting it ... UGGH

A couple months ago.. I filled out an online survey for .. and really gave some detailed feedback on some serverly lacking functionality on their site...

Anyways today I tried "Calculate Business Postage " via their homepage today and got this message apparently Firefox doesn't exsist in their eyes...

clipped from
Your operating system is: unknown. Your browser is: Default 0.0

If you have reached this page it indicates that your Internet browser or computer operating systems will not support the Business Rate Calculator. Please check the table below to see which browsers and operating systems are supported.

The Business Rate Calculator will compute rates for volume mailings of all classes of domestic mail including Express Mail, First-Class Mail, Priority Mail, Periodicals, Standard Mail, Parcel Post, Bound Printed Matter, Media Mail, and Library Mail. It also includes destination entry discounts and fees for special services.

This calculator uses the latest Internet technology to provide fast convenient access to all domestic rates and worksharing discounts. This calculator requires the following operating systems and Internet browsers:

Your operating system is: unknown. Your browser is: Default 0.0

Operating Systems Supported:Browsers Supported:
Microsoft Windows 95 & 98Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 and newer
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0Netscape Navigator 4.04 and newer

If your browser does not support the Business Rate Calculator, you can upgrade your browser. Additional options include:

If you feel you have reached this page in error, please click on one of the links below to go to the Business Calculator. Be sure you are running Windows and are using IE 4+ or Netscape 4.04+.
Internet Explorer Version Netscape Navigator Version

Click here to access the single-piece Domestic Rate Calculator.

Click here to order the Postal Explorer CD-ROM that contains the Business Rate Calculator. The CD-ROM calculator does not require the Internet browser.

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