Monday, April 16, 2007

Could Web 2.0 have helped?

Today I worked from home ... and couldn't help but helplessly watch the tragic events today at Virginia Tech ... As I was watching the reporting there were so many different versions of what was going.. whether it was the mass email that went out to the student body around 9am .. but as one student said that most students don't check their email that all of the word of mouth news that was being reported.. I wonder if a tool like Twitter was being used for the school as kind of like an "Amber" alert .. where the students would subscribe to the school and the school would push pertinent info to students via email / sms / cell / web etc... Twitter was hailed as great tool at SXSW .. which is a large event w/ allot of people using it in the most effective way.. using this for a school or organzation seems like a easy way to contact mass amounts of people quickly.

It breaks my heart to know those kids where in their classrooms completely vulnerable to todays actions w/ little or no advanced warning.

Instead of placing blame on anybody.. I think that the conversation should be on how can we "minimize" events like this in the future..

My thoughts and Prayers go out to all that were affected today..

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