Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Election 2.0 in NH???

I saw this article a couple of weeks ago in the Portsmouth Herald and it really intrigued me.. A 70 year old lady having a WebCast Party!! Even though I am not a fan so far of Barrak's online campaign.. he seems to be creating a ground swell.. I still need to see and hear more from him. But it is really impressive that this could be a new way that mainstream America connects w/ candidates and elected officials.
clipped from seacoastonline.com

Barbara Engelbach of Portsmouth is one of about 15 Seacoast residents who gathered to watch Sen. Barack Obama on a live webcast Saturday in a Portsmouth home.

Photo by Liz Kenny

Dennett Page had been planning a house party all week for friends --and even strangers --to gather and watch Sen. Barack Obama over a Webcast

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