Monday, April 23, 2007

Twitter should have thought of this ???

As you may or may not know.. I am a "Twitter" Fan.. I love the bridge that it builds to maintain relationships over most forms of communications in easy and unobtrusive manner. Twitter should also be praised for their openness towards outside developers that has made a significant impact on the service itself.. So why no "White Label"????

I have reviewed quite a few of Evan Williams interviews and he hasn't really let on about a possible business model for Twitter..In one article in Business 2.0 he talks about Corporate accounts but I have yet to see any implementation on that end...I think that they should offer "White Label" services.. I for one would def. pay for a branded version of Twitter's features for our startup..

Companies like Reddit and Ning seem to thrive on these kinds of b2b services...

It seems with such an influx of new services out there that these companies would look to form partnerships that would help both parties grow...

Anyways my .02
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Facebook statusFacebook has added a number of enhancements to its 'status' functionality which include features which are strikingly similar to the micro-blogging service, Twitter.

According to the official blog, Facebook now:

  • displays a user's friends' three most recent updates on the home page

  • has a dedicated page to display all your friends' updates at once

  • has an RSS feed aggregating all of a user's friends' updates

  • offers the ability to subscribe to a friend's updates via SMS

  • offers the ability for a user to update their status by sending an SMS to Facebook starting with the "@" character

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