Thursday, March 22, 2007

Twitter as Business Promotion Tool

Since I have been playing w/ Twitter for the last couple of weeks...I have been thinking of ways to leverage this service for our new start-up which will be a member based. I have talked about this as a tool w/ friends... and have used this same example that Woot has utilized so brilliantly. This is a great medium for Woot due to the high tech user adoption of Twitter.

My challenge will be to get my core demographic of 17-28 yr old males that are automotive enthusiasts to adopt Twitter as communication tool...
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Woot is one of my favorite sites. Not only do they have an awesome
name but every day they post a single item for sale a ridiculously low
price. The item is only available for 24 hours or until it sells out
(which it frequrently does).

So how can you stay on top of the latest phat lewt? With Twitter! A couple days ago, the folks at Woot let us know they were gonna use the Twitter API to let folks know what's for sale that day. As far as we know, Woot is the first to use Twitter like this; as a way to let people keep on top of what's being sold. Very cool.

Now someone needs to get the Nintendo Wii on Twitter so I can find out when I'll finally be able to get one.
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Anonymous said...

I definitely think the ability to give live updates on a website via a twitter api is a powerful thing. Imagine a sales promotion where someone 'follows' your company and that message immediately goes to their cellphone. It may trump email as a more flexible but more invasive medium to communicate with your customers.

The trick is actually to get people that are maniacal about your products. That want that level of invasion of marketing. There probably is also a fine line between disseminating info to your customers and harassing them.

I'd like to 'follow'
C'mon Steve! :)

Blendah Tom said...


I agree completely.. I think that as a consumer I would welcome this "bridge" .. plus I have the power to turn off updates etc.. or to push and pull..