Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Startup Progress : The Office Setup

Ok.. so we signed the LLC documents today and the checks are being cut (Two months in the making) .. I am stoked to say the least. The web development team is all in place and ready to roll... Now my focus is on our actual office setup.

Just a little background.. our main investors and some of the executive team will be located down in Atlanta. Myself and 2 other poor souls will be located near Portsmouth NH. This has already proved to be quite a logistical challenge so far..I am thinking of ways for us best to incorporate a efficient collaborative environment.

Our Office space is conveniently located across the street from a main Verizon hub..which we will be using FIOS for business 30mbps/5mbps up/dwn . So we will be cookin for sure.. :)

Next is Voice Comms... I really want to go w/ Skype. I have been a Skype user for almost a year w/ Skype in/out . The only problems I ever have is w/ my slow Comcast connection.

We will be extremely reliant on our phone system so this is extremely crucial to our day to day ops... I plan on using Plantronics Voip headsets comments would be greatly appreciated on this..

We also plan on using Google Apps $50/yr program for all of office needs. I have a jotspot account as well for collaboration.

So now I have to choose PC's for the three of us.. we are on a limited budget so I would welcome any recommendations on a good setup .. i.e low maintenance etc. We will be primarily using browser based applications so we don't need any monsters. Can we save in this area to spend in the dual monitor department?

I already have a Lexmark X5470 combo setup.. so we are good to go in that area.

Any thoughts on a setup would be greatly welcome!

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Dan Pickett said...

You can't go wrong with Dells - just don't get vista.

Glad to see that things are coming along, Tom - hope all is well and best of luck.