Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Twitter Worth a Billion in a Year? hmm more like Jaiku

Link : How Twitter Could Be Worth A Billion In A Year

Recently there have been some interesting conversations going on around the web about the possibilities of what Twitter could become.

Well after reading it I thought compelled to share some thoughts on this subject. First Nate's whole premise is off kilter because it is defendant on Twitter's ability to overcome it's recent scaling issues and loss of it's of respect from the community.

Nate's main point was to use Twitter as a micropayment service. Here is where I think Jaiku (cough cough Google) has the advantage. Google Checkout has already been playing around in the mobile arena for the past year. Now this alone should not be news worthy but I came across an interesting post about Jaiku founder Jyri Engestrom.

  • Verbs for social objects: we need to think about the verbs that people perform on objects. E.g., Flickr’s aggregation of what people have done with your photos. We should be surfacing the available actions.
  • World of Warcraft's information methods for everyday life: “Imagine a physical world where we have as much peripheral information at our disposal as in WoW.” Not just “boring update feeds.” Innovate, especially on mobiles. We will see this stuff in the next 24 months. Some examples: Maps: Where my friends are. Phonebook: what are people up to. Email: prioritized. Photos: Face recognition.
  • A new take on social search: Detecting nodal points: “What should I be aware of that’s happening around me? Was what just happened significant to someone on the network.” And then deliver it to people at just the right time, perhaps via push. “Discovery is becoming social.” “It is the end of the era of search,” i.e., of querying for stuff. From browser to search to share (citing former ceo of paypal). From pagerank to “facerank” where what counts is friends in common, physical proximity, shared taste, shared objects."
Google has been very quietly getting ready to open a big ole can of whoop ass directed at Twitter. Remember Google could have bought Twitter but why didn't they?? Because they saw the potential in Jaiku as something much bigger than a micropayment service. Imagine and interconnected stream through this new service that incorporates email / video / maps / shopping etc.. on a platform that is truly stable and scaleable and monetizeable.

All of this running on Android equipped phones and piercing through all of the open social partner sites as well.. It's just a matter of time.

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