Friday, February 8, 2008

The Answer to the Super Delegate Fiasco

First let me divulge I am a full fledged Obama Supporter. After the results of Super Tuesday have come and gone there has been a lot of discussions about the role of "Super Delegates" determining our next president. This scenario described by a Obama memo would have a virtual tie at the end of the primary schedule and would leave it up to these "Super Delegates".. : 0 a disastorous scenario already being discussed by Howard Dean.

After watching Dan Abrams show last night interviewing Congressmen Adam Smith(Washington) an Obama supporter and a "Super Delegate" the congressman acknowledged this as a flawed process and recommended an across the board agreement that whoever is leading via pledged delegates i.e the delegates awarded for actual voters should be awarded the super delegates. Now I do see some wiggle room as far as following State or Congressional district etc.. but the problem w/ that is there are numerous Super Delegates that hold no constituency relationship.

In my mind the Obama camp should press this issue and come out across the board w/ all of there Super Delegates and embrace this scenario...It would put the Clinton's on the defensive and in a position to look extremely selfish if not accepted...being that President Clinton is also a Super Delegate.

Check out this clip and let me know what you think..

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