Friday, January 4, 2008

Belated Christmas Thank You to Putnam's

During the Christmas break my wife was doing some last minute shopping for some close friends of ours... Our friends love to ski but haven't been able to afford some much needed equipment. My wife has been a loyal customer of Putnam's Ski and Snowboard shop in North Hampton NH for years and decided to talk to the sales guy she always deals w/ to see if she could barter some of her time working to be able to get some equipment for our friends and their children. They said cool .. and was told to have our friends come on down to get fitted.. to my wife's surprise the owner of Putnam's was made aware of this and quietly and and very humbly took care of that whole family w/ no strings attached.. That was just one of the tiny little gifts that was bestowed upon us this Holiday season..

I wonder if e-commerce will ever be able to match the level of personal engagement that a strong brick and mortar store can create by achieving extraordinary customer service like Putnam's.

Brian you will have customers for life!

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