Sunday, May 20, 2007

Got My Ocean am I cool?

Well I finally took the plunge this week and purchased my first cell phone in 5 years!! .. It was a peaceful 5 years but w/ the new business launching imminently (hopefully) .. I needed a device that allowed me to stay connected all the time..

Our new startup is a Social Commerce I wanted a device that I could essentially handle all IM's/Tweets/emails/sms/pics/ etc etc.. Of course my first inclination was to wait for the Iphone .. but as my initial buzz wore off over the hype and started looking more and more at the features and service.. it became clear that it was overvalued... Two of the biggest reasons for not going w/ the Iphone was price ($499-$599) and the slower Cingular network coverage..

With the Helio in my area of New England it piggybacks off of the Sprint 3G network...I also like the "all in" features of unlimited text/sms/data/myspace (uggh) /buddy beacon, gmaps etc.. for a reasonable price. I choose the $100/month option which is unlimited text/sms/ web browsing etc. and unlimited nights and weekends.. and 1500 daytime mins. (They do have an all you can eat plan for $135/mnth)

Things are working great so far.. some minor bugs but nothing earth shattering (Weak battery life so far but I am trying a possible solution to remedy the problem) ... My first impressions are that is smaller than it looks online.. and the browsing is pretty intuitive. The Search from any box is pretty awesome as well.. Camera works really well.. and I had no problems setting up My Google apps Gmail. I'm not a huge music and video fan but service worked flawlessly when I tried it....I think this phone has a chance at making Helio a name in mobile industry... I will keep you informed w/ any updates..

My friends know that I can't go many posts without somehow bringing up a Twitter thought.. and I just couldn't let them down.. :) Here is my thought.. If the Ocean really takes off... I think that Helio should buy Twitter and combine it w/ their Buddy Beacon GPS tracking system.. Helio has embraced web 2.0 w/ partnerships w/ Myspace and BoingBoing...

p.s. Here is a link for $100 off coupon for using amex.. yes $195 and free bluetooth!

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Anonymous said...

fancy fancy sir! definitely looks sharp - I'd love to see it in person sometime