Friday, May 11, 2007

Google Come to the Live Free or Die State !!

A couple of weeks ago I was reading Danny Sullivan's piece on Google coming to Oklahoma... and I couldn't help but think of why not NH?? We have a very business friendly tax structure for business's .. we are very close to allot of main hubs i.e Boston/NY and Google really hasn't setup shop in the New England area.

So that got me thinking if Google where to come to NH where would be a viable option... The first place I thought of was Berlin. Katie Delahaye president of KD Paine and Partners recently made the move up to Berlin... There are two reasons why I think that Berlin would be a prime candidate for future move..first Berlin is a former Paper Mill Town that was decimated by overseas competition leaving the town in a very unenviable position...The town of Berlin has taken a proactive approach in attracting new ideas to jump start this proud resllient town..

The Second reason I think that Berlin would be a good the energy infrastructure in place .. NH has recently made a much progress in becoming more energy independent and
Environmentally responsible.. NH just recently passed a renewable portfolio standard.

In that area of the state Wind Resources are very strong as pictured here ... Berlin has also embraced Wind Power as discussed in this NH Public Radio article. There is also a plentiful source of Hydro power in that area w/ many rivers...

Ok so Google the perennial do-gooders for the free world could not only build an eco-friendly Data Center that would breathe life back into a community that welcomes such a move but it makes sense business wise.. We have a Governor in office that is very popular and is business friendly as well..

Let me know if I am crazy....

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