Thursday, January 25, 2007

Google... Race for Virtual Domination

So Google wants to turn Google Earth into a virtual playground. Reading this post from VC Rankings got me thinking of how utterly simple Google uses all of their products to make a sustainable ecosystem. If they do pull this off especially w/ this recent acquisition will be their greatest achievement to date!

"Aside from Google, the beneficiaries of such a move would be, well, Benchmark Capital. As the main venture capital firm behind Linden Research, the operator of virtual world Second Life, Google's entry into the segment would further legitemize and popularize it. Once Google entered the segment, Linden Research would likely have to fend off many acquisition overtures from rival media companies."
By Joshua Jaffe

Imagine the price of Second Life skyrocketing when Microsoft and Yahoo want a piece of the action.

By the way this is my first Blog post ever!

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Dan Pickett said...

Freakin Google, man. Which one will they take over first? The real or the virtual world?

It makes good business sense to leverage such a useful tool like Earth with this medium. Smart moves like this just scares me.