Thursday, January 25, 2007

Mozy ... Standing up for Customer Service!

I got this email from mozy today and I was actually pretty impressed w/ the way that they handled the unexpected growth of their young company. Mozy is a online storage company that allows you to easily store and manage your data for a small fee of $4.95 a month (unlimited data). Scaling a company is perhaps one of the toughest parts of any startup it's nice to see a company realize that the consumers drive the growth not the technology.

"As some of you may have noticed, the month of December and early January was a challenging time for us. We were overwhelmed by the demand for the Mozy backup service, and had a difficult time keeping up.

Well, we've caught up now - but we undoubtedly upset some of you in the process. When you signed up, we made a commitment to protect your data and support the service you purchased. We didn't keep our end of the deal, and we fumbled the ball by not giving you the excellent support and service that you paid for.

The good news is that even though we had some network glitches and slow support responses, we did manage to handle approximately 1.7 million backups during that rough period.

We now have an excellent support staff, and emails are typically answered within an hour or two during business hours, and of course we have live chat as well if you need real-time support.

So, to try and make up for the problems we've experienced, and to thank you for hanging in there, we like to offer you the follow options:

If you had a really frustrating experience, click here to get 3 months free service added to your account.

If you hit some glitches, but everything mostly worked out for you, click here to get 2 months free service added to your account.

If things went just fine this last month, click here to get 1 month free service added to your account.

But if you'd rather just let us know you're doing okay and you don't need the extra month of free service, click here to let us know.

If you have any questions or feedback, don't hesitate to email me personally. We're here to protect your data - and we thank you for hanging in there during our growing pains.

Founder, CEO, Berkeley Data Systems, Inc. "

I did have some issues w/ their service when first starting out but I also saw the great value in their service. You don't see to many companies say " I messed up " and we want to fix it. Great Job Mozy and I will be spreading the word. By the way I picked the option of 2 months for free due to the amount of time for my initial upload and some downloading issues.

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