Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Me.dium a Game Changer??


Hmmm how do I describe this service/site/product?? . Well I believe the best way to put it is "Surfing from the clouds" (scroll down for my comments under yoparts) . I actually received an invitation code in Nov. but never activated it till Dec.

Brief Description:
You have to use Firefox as a that's a plus right there. They will be making an IE7 version available soon too. It is a sidebar that is loaded on your browser and you can actually see others that are surfing similar sites chat w/ them if you would like and see other similar sites to the one that you are own which is my favorite feature. There are privacy features so you can be anonymous or you can have your screen name displayed or you could be totally stealth if you don't want anybody to see where you are browsing (or just not activate it) . The security features are also nice when you go to a secure disables the bar to you are out of it. Here is a link to a video demo

The social implications are "game changing" if traction can be made in getting enough users to regularly use it. But with a recent Digg front page appearance there seems to be a lot more users on. The coolest moment that I had on me.dium was when Steve Jobs was giving his keynote and swarms of people were bouncing back and forth between related mac site's chatting etc. It was really pretty cool.

As a e-tailer by profession I see huge consumer implications from this product too..having customer service reps welcoming shoppers coming to the site or even going to a competitor's site...

I had the pleasure of meeting Brandon Harper today on Me.dium and found out via his blog that he will be working on the development team at Me.dium very soon. I have made a couple of nice connections on me.dium so far and really like that, however today I did notice someone "spamming" a site posting live message's to a link. I noticed it and made a comment within 5 mins. one of the me.dium employees posted that they will be dealing w/ spam harshly in the future. Good Luck guys you have your work cut out for you.

Overall great site..great team ..and the makings of a great community...

Give it a whirl and let me know what you think here is a invite code to try it out

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