Saturday, June 9, 2007

Nice Job West Warwick!! cmon NH get in the game

Seems like Wind Power is really taking off lately and it is being done on the local government level..which is the way for a grassroots effort to really make an impact. What if every town used it's natural resources to supply it's own power? What a concept...
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WW considers plan to use wind power

WEST WARWICK - A New Hampshire company wants to introduce a new era of wind technology to the United States and it wants to showcase that technology here in West Warwick.

Representatives from Portsmouth Power Corporation made a presentation to the town council and town residents last night to introduce the principles of the project.
The company would like to build three module power towers on Arctic Hill. The company is proposing putting one tower near the tennis courts and two towers at the rear of the baseball field behind the high school. The company would donate the tower closest to the school to the town and would own the other two.

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